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Marcel Mariano

"Liked this a lot. Didn't have to think twice about including it. Great Chorus that could become a real anthem over the years!" - Guys from Gigride and the The Fair Gig Initiative

Bass Player

With a music degree specialising in Bass Guitar, Marcel has been integral to several band over several years including a number of international tours.

Born into a musical family in Brazil, Marcel's interest in music was forged at an early age experimenting with different instruments until deciding to focus on the guitar at age 9. He joined a local musical society and at 13 when an opening for a bass player in their principal band came up, he jumped at the chance to play bass with the serious musicians. This ignited a passion in him for bass guitar, the instrument that would become the focus of his music degree.

After moving to London, Marcel played in numerous musical projects spanning a number of styles including funk, soul and rock, playing bass guitar and double bass and also singing.

Marcel Mariano playing double bassHaving gained a reputation as a great bass player he toured internationally with several bands.

Marcel considers himself first and foremost a lover of music. He is also a keen admirer of the visual and performance arts, a passionate advocate for the development of the creative economy and the business of the creative industries, and a proud father.

See Marcel performing with previous band Towma:

Marcel performing the song 'Headspace' with the band Towma.