Simon Denzley

Lead Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

"These guys can really rock. I did a couple of double takes to remind myself that I was in a pub in Chatham!" - Simon Russell gig review

With extensive studio experience Simon produced and played on albums for numerous Australian artists like Brad Walker, Ced LeMeledo, Sinker before moving to the UK and producing an album's worth of his own material. He played in various bands on keyboards, bass, guitar and even drums before settling on guitar as his preferred instrument and continues to write material, "faster than he can record it".

Simon had a deep connection with music from an early age. As a child he found songs that would send him into what he now terms a 'melancholic euphoria'. He yearned to be able to create that same thing that could cause such a powerful emotional response in people. He composed his first piece aged twelve and had written numerous songs by the age of fifteen, when he first experienced other kids at school urging him to, “Keep writing those brilliant songs!”

Simon was considered academically gifted at school but was drawn to performing arts and particularly to music more strongly than studies. He dropped out of university in Melbourne and started producing other bands in his own small studio and playing in several bands himself. He moved to England prefering the intensity of London and the UK where hard times forced him to focus on his day job writing software, all but leaving the music behind.

However he couldn’t shake off his musical creativity and it was a relief stop in France which which brought him back to music again and ultimately triggered his first release. Driving his Dad back from Paris, they stopped for a break and a drink in a small pub in the remote village of Fins where Simon picked up the 'pub guitar' and ended up playing late into the night while people contacted their friends to come and listen.

The pub owners asked him to come back to play a proper show so he got a few musician friends who happened to be in the UK together and started to rehearse. The group went over and played a thumping show which many people travelled from miles away to see. That band would have continued but a couple of the guys had to go back to Australia so before they did, Simon took them into the studio to record some of the songs.

The recorded drums, bass, guitar and vocals sounded fantastic but Simon with his studio production experience wanted to fill them out and create a much bigger sound. He continued the sessions, adding overdubs and bringing in session players to complete what was developing into an outstanding rock album.

However the recording cost was taking it's toll on Simon who at one stage even rented out his own bedroom and slept on the couch to help pay for the studio time. After mixing down two of the songs and realising they were pretty good, he decided to release them independently. He managed to make a video for 'History' and released it as a single.

The band The song recievced air play on numerous radio stations and gained interest from the music industry including TV promoter Matt Connolly, leading to Simon putting together a new band, eventually named Denzeity, to showcase his material. The new band led to further industy interest putting Simon in touch with legendary Rock producer Nick Tauber, the guy who beat Simon Cowell's X Factor, Jon Morter and others.

Inspired by ground breaking bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Beatles, Sky and Nirvana, as well as singer songwriters like Jeff Buckley and Paolo Nutini, Simon draws from a wide range of musical styles including Prog-Rock, Grunge, Pop, Post-Rock and Acoustic Rock (with even a bit of R&B).

Simon is also playing the lead role in a Glen Campbell tribute stage production about his life. This is a very style for Simon but it showcases his diverse vocal range and musical abilities, and gives him a very different set of musical experiences from the rock music he's used to performing.