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Lights, Camera, Action!

(Posted: 27 April 2019 17:39)

Lighting the 'bedroom scene'
A few days ago we were stuck in a field in Kent getting cold while surrounded by a small film crew, and playing the same song over and over again... yes we were making a music video.

The video is for 'Version of You', one of the songs we recorded recently at Anchor Baby Studios which came out extremely well and will be the first track on the EP.

Filming in Soho
We asked John Clay to direct it having got him in to take some footage of us in the studio after seeing his amazing show-reel and we couldn't have asked for a better person at the helm. John is passionate about film, friendly and easy to work with, has great ideas and likes to create the kind of dark and intense work that I really like.

Cast & crew (missing Lou and Nakisha though...)
He suggested a narrative which fitted into the song lyrics and allowed him to inject interesting visual elements into the video which would become more than just a 'band performance' video. We hired a model/actress in the form of Chloé Dall'Olio who regularly works on screen with Trinny Woodall and has featured in John's videos before.

Chloé did a brilliant job (as did everyone on set) and we spent an extra day with her getting additional narrative shots including dancing through the streets of Soho! It was a lot of fun - even if we did get a bit cold!

Reviewing footage from Soho

Keep your eye on our social media pages for when the video will be released...

Photos by Lou Smith, Ellie Yermakova, Nakisha Esnard, John Clay and Chloé Dall'Olio.

Stuck On An Island

(Posted: 17 March 2019 21:19)

Help - we need to get on this island...

Yes - we're stuck on the idea of playing the Isle Of Wight Festival and need to put together a campaign to built support.

The festival is running a competition to find an unsigned band to play and we want to do it! The winner is the band who've had the most number of people click on their link and vote for them. So not fiendishly difficult like fighting a live shark of anything. But still challenging.

Image us playing up there on that stage! Belting out 'History', 'Version Of You' and 'Never' to a rocking crowd, on a stage that has seen the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Who, David Bowie, Muse, The Sex Pistols, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, Blondie Biffy Clyro, etc. etc! It could be a reality!

The good news is that the band with the highest number of votes so far has 1043 which hasn't increased at all in a week. So in theory it shouldn't be beyond a reasonable campaign to get up to this level. But how? The problem is lots of people will see it but not bother voting like happened last time we ran something like this. We even promised to give away free t-shirts and EPs to 5 people who voted, and yes we have some winners (EP will be out in May so we're not announcing them, yet...), but it didn't create the huge push we needed.

It would be nice to get something that goes viral but I think you need something really weird and outlandish to get that - like fighting a live shark I suppose - not sure any of us are up for that...

What I would ask is if you, the lovely person who has taken the time to read this far to go two steps further and 1) click on the vote link and vote for us, and 2) please ask your social media buddies to do the same with a link to this blog post. Maybe, just maybe then we'll really do it!

If you have any ideas how we could take it further, please, please, please let us know! If we actually crack it, we will be so superly grateful to everyone who helped us reach this amazing goal!

Please vote now! Thanks a whole heap!

Back In The Studio

(Posted: 10 March 2019 20:48)

It's been a long wait but it's been worth it. We finally got back into the studio last weekend to get tracks for our debut EP recorded.

This time we headed down to Anchor Baby studios in Kent where Dan did an amazing job engineering the session. I have never heard a drum kit sound as good as that just while tracking before. In fact everything was sounding great and sometimes in the control room it felt like we were listening to finished songs on the radio, and this before even being finished and mixed!

We had planned to release a 4 track EP but the material is sounding so good we'll be likely to release 5 songs on it. For those familiar with our live shows, the five songs will probably be:

  • Version Of You
  • Can't Join Them Beat Them
  • History
  • Chasing Rainbows
  • Never

We were also fortunate to have John Clay in the studio getting some video of us at work. He got some great footage and here are a few stills from the session below:

Switching Guitar

(Posted: 09 March 2019 19:48)

In January the band played a gig at the Good Mixer in Camden which turned out to be Mike's last gig with the band. For various reasons including 'musical differences', Mike and Denzeity decided to continue in different directions. The split was amicable with Mike and the band both wanting to keep the friendships that had developed.

The hole that was left was more than filled by guitarist Tom Ramsay who replied to an add on Gumtree and after a jam with Simon, came to a full audition and showed the rest of the band what he was capable of. While he hadn't been a professional musician before like other band members, what really caught their ear was his ability to play in ways reminiscent of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and Angus Young (AC/DC) which made him a perfect fit for Denzeity.

That decision was proved correct when the band went into the studio to record their debut 5 track EP and Tom laid down some blistering lead guitar parts, astonishing fellow band members. His feel for the music and what needed to be played was absolutely spot on in the pocket and his contributions helped cement some unbelievably fantastic sounding tracks, all to be released soon...

To be one of the first to see the band perform live with the new line up, come along to our gig at the Rock Steady in Dalston, Saturday 13th April. Grab a ticket here!

A Chat and a Spin

(Posted: 18 January 2019 20:17)

Back before Christmas I was asked if I'd be interested in doing a radio interview on the popular internet radio station Chat and Spin. Things finally fell into place last week and I spoke with Ron Clark about the band on his show on Tuesday evening. The resulting interview can be heard below.

I'l' be chatting again with them tomorrow (Saturday 19th January) around lunch time (from about 12:45) if you want to listen in. (it's easy - just click on the link...)

Thats A Wrap!

(Posted: 17 December 2018 14:03)

Photo by Christina Jansen (

Well, here we are in December and at the end of a very busy and wild year for the band! We have gigged ourselves silly over the last few months and certainly caused a stir on the London Music Scene. A personal highlight for me has got to be our gig at The Castle in North Acton, as soon as we walked through the door we were greeted with two highly intoxicated punters trying to hold each other up as they danced through the room, I knew from that moment that it was going to be a great gig!

Now we have what looks like a solid line up, we are definitely looking for more gigging opportunities for 2019 so if you know of any venues in London looking for bands then feel free to send them our way, we'll definitely get the place going wild from the first number to the last and will enjoy doing so!

A huge thank you needs to go out to all of the venues/rehearsal studios/ photographers and fans  that have supported us this year: The Fiddler's Elbow, The Castle, Cafe 1001, The Short Wave Cafe, Christina Jansen Photography, Matt Connolly and last but definitely not least ALL of the wonderful people that jammed along to our songs, brought our merch and interacted with us on Social Media!

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year, see you all in 2019!!

1001 Promo Film Shoots

(Posted: 01 December 2018 23:30)

One of the industry people who has long championed our music is TV video plugger/promoter Matt Connolly. He recently took our History self made music video round to music TV stations and had a great response to the song but that the video itself wasn't polished enough for broadcast.

So he is helping us to do something about it by putting together a promotional live video of us, filmed (mostly) at our upcoming gig at Café 1001 on Friday 14th December.

Matt knows what he is doing. He has worked with numerous big names including the Buzzcocks, Marilyn Manson, East 17, Pop Will Eat Itself, Marianne Faithfull, The Charlatans, The Prodigy, The Cult and Katie Melua - just to name a few... And like all serious promoters, to protect his reputation he only takes on acts that he believes have what it takes to make it.

He has seen us play live several times and said that our live energy and quirky stage presence is just as worth showing off as our songs and musicianship. I'm happy with that!

Given it's being shot in a venue on Brick Lane on a Friday night close to Christmas there's sure to be a good crowd anyway - however for the sake of the video we'd like it packed with enthusiastic people! So if you're not averse to popping up in a music video and want to see a great show and join the Christmas party it would normally be £10 on the door but we've got tickets for just £8. See our ticket shop for details! We only have a limited number though so do it now!

Mersey Side Project

(Posted: 28 November 2018 21:27)

Mock up of the program for
Rhinestone Cowboy - The Glen Campbell Show
Tomorrow's the day! Three members of Denzeity join Amy Westney, Colin Garrett and Chris Loach in Liverpool to put on the show: "Rhinestone Cowboy - The Glen Campbell Story".

If you thought Glen Campbell is pretty far removed from the music of Denzeity you'd be thinking pretty much what I thought when it was first suggested I audition for the part of Glen. So why are we doing it?, I hear you ask...

Well the first thing I realised when I went through the Spotify list of songs we're performing is that Glen Campbell did a huge range of stuff. People often think of the song 'Rhinestone Cowboy' when they think of Glen Campbell and if they're not really into that song, might see little reason to explore his other work. I am a little guilty of that and that's one reason I'm so glad I took on this role.

He did a cover of the Foo Fighters, Time Like These, and even for a rock fan like me, in some ways I prefer Glen's version. Once you get used to hearing it without expecting Dave Grohl's version, it's a really good take on the song. I also had a bunch of, 'I didn't know Glen Campbell sang that' moments! Songs like 'Dream Lover', 'MacArthur Park' and 'Southern Nights' were all him!

Additionally I discovered a whole bunch of new songs that I really love - and may end up covering a few myself with Denzeity at some stage. Songs like 'Highwayman', 'Ghost On The Canvas' and even 'Turn Around, Look At Me' which has grown on me since I first thought what an odd set of chord changes. It reminded me of the old big band style a bit, which actually Glen did quite a bit of, and what is great for me is that I have come to understand that style of music so much better. That's not to say I'm going to do an album of big band music, just that I've seen a new set a ways that chords and melody can flow and work really well. And actually the song Rhinestone Cowboy has grown on me as well!

The vocal style is quite different to what I usually do and requires quite a bit more proper singing technique. It was odd to hear both Gary and Bora say, "I didn't know you could sing like that!"

So tomorrow morning it's an early start. I've got to be at Upminster tube station at 8am to be picked up for the road trip to Liverpool. It's going to be long day but we're all buzzing and ready to put this show on. It's going to be a great night! And - there are still one or two good seats available if you want to come along - but quite a few of them have gone since yesterday so book quickly!

There's even talk of taking it to a few other theatres around the country so watch this space... but don't worry - the rock will continue with Denzeity soon enough - in fact there's a gig in a couple of week's time at the Cafe 1001 on Brick Lane - Friday the 14th December to be exact... Hope to see you at at least one of these events!