Frequently Asked Questions

"Liked this a lot. Didn't have to think twice about including it. Great Chorus that could become a real anthem over the years!" - Guys from Gigride and the The Fair Gig Initiative

Are you playing any live shows?

Yes we are.
Simon lost a couple of original band members who played on the original recordings and took a while to get a new band sorted out. In fact the new band is not only sounding brilliant but have improved some of the songs' arrangements too. First full band gig was at the Tattershall Castle - a boat on the Thames in Central London and Denzeity have numerous iconic London venues (and further afield) since then.
Keep an eye on the gigs page for latest gig info.
Better still follow us on Twitter for regular updates!

Is Denzeity a band or Simon's alterego?

Denzeity is Simon's band.
Whilst the project is Simon's, he wanted a band that was more than just the 'Simon Denzley backing band'. Denzeity is a name that reflects both a band in it's own right and a band that is centrered around Simon, the singer, principal songwriter and driving force.

When are you releasing more material and when can I buy the album?

You can buy and stream History on most download/streaming services and we're still in the process of looking at options for how to release more material. The new band has improved the sound of the songs live and so any new release should be under the name Denzeity.
Check out the blog for fairly constant up to date info about what's going on (or follow us on Twitter.)

Where did you shoot the video for History?

The beach shots were done down in Kent, the instrument shots were mostly done in the studio where it was recorded (The Smoke House / Intimate Studios in Wapping) and the night shots were done in Epping Forest. The three clocks were shot in time lapse - Big Ben, Maple Lodge clock tower in The Hamptons, Worcester Park and the white clock that flies about is Simon's kitchen clock.

Are you planning more recordings?

Simon has a heap of new material which he's introducing to the guys and testing out live from time to time. First priority however is to get an EP or album out!

Have you tried X Factor or The Voice?

No, that's not the best way to showcase this work. Instead check out the video for History or else come and see Denzeity play live!

How can I help to make sure you get to release more music?

Spread the word. Follow Denzeity on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter and share our posts. Invite friends to Denzeity gigs. Contact music media and radio stations to and ask them to play History and anything else Denzeity might have released. Anything that means more people seeing and hearing the band it increases the chances of another release.

Would Simon produce someone else's music for them? 

One of Simon's first jobs was running a small recording studio where he engineered and produced many bands and artists. He'd be quite happy to do some more of that again. He also composes music for other people as well as produces.

Have you thought of crowdfunding an album?

Yes it's a thought but there are other opportunities available before taking that route.

Does Simon do any acting?

Simon is on stage playing Glen Campbell in a tribute show at Liverpool's Epstine Theatre in November. He did some film and TV work in Melbourne - mostly in the background of Neighbours and other Australian programmes and featuring in a few student films. He'd be happy to do a bit more again. Simon's father featured in numerous Australian TV shows and his sister can be seen regularly in the Australian TV drama Wentworth.