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"I put History on the play list as soon as I heard it!" - G-Man, program director at radio 3KND

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Are you a Radio Station not sent a copy of a recent release? Apologies - there are thousands of radio stations around the world that play this sort of music and we have tried to get copies to as many as we can. However if yours has been missed out please email us at and we'll send you the necessary link asap and make a note to make sure you get all future releases.

Are you looking for a fan club? Whilst Denzeity don't really go for having a 'fan club' they understand that some people want to show their appreciation for the work and really do appreciate each person who does. We do therefore have an appreciation society. Please email for more details. All emails to Denzeity through this will be read by band members and (given time) answered.

For all other enquiries, please email us at

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