"I downloaded [History]...well worth it....loved the song on Phil n Simon [radio show] the other night so decided to play it too." - Jenifer Connell - 98.9 North West FM

Jamming was the result of the drummer in an old band (Pete Stone) handing Simon some bits of paper with some words for a song he called 'Jamming' and asking if he'd like to put them to some music.

It so happened that they fitted perfectly with a musical idea that Simon was already working on and the song was born. Simon cleaned up, added and replaced a few lines resulting in a lyric that is about 50% each Pete's and Simon's.

The banter heard during the solos is from a video recorded during one of the old band's jam sessions, featuring Pete and also KJ Hansen who wrote Chasing Rainbows and contributed to the arrangment of History.

This is one of two songs on which Simon played bass guitar as well as guitar and the only song which features Paul Madden (Engineer and co-producer), come out from behind the mixing desk and actually play on a song. He is an acomplished drummer and features here on Tambourine. It is also the only song on which Brad (Piano, Keyboards and co-producer) played some guitar (an acoustic panned to one side). The idea was for the song to sound a bit like a jam and so includes a bit of non-main instrument playing. The song also features Simone James helping out with backing vocals, Simone being an old friend and musical buddy of Simon's.

This recording is not the final releasable mix but rather a rough mix of the song, featuring here because it shows the song's potential.


Music by Simon Densley, Lyrics by Peter Stone and Simon Densley


Simon Densley - Guitars, Bass, Vocals and Percussion
Mario Quarta - Drums
Brad Walker - Piano, Keyboards, Acoustic guitar and Backing Vocals
Simone James - Backing Vocals
Andrew Raiher - Guitar Solo
Ricky Mian - Saxophone
David Mian - Trumpet
Paul Madden - Percussion

Produced by Simon Densley
Additional Production by Paul Madden and Brad Walker
Engineered by Paul Madden and Troy Hermes
Rough mix by Simon Densley
Recorded at The Smoke House / Intimate Studios London