Diverse session musicians who've formed an unusual gang

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Led by guitarist/vocalist Simon Denzley, Denzeity was formed to bring his music to live audiences.

Simon started to gain industry attention when he released his independent single 'History'. One person who was impressed enough to get on board was video/tv plugger Matt Connolly, who started pushing the song together with Simon's low budget video to his TV producer contacts. The feedback was outstanding - people loved the song but the video wasn't glossy enough for TV. So Matt suggested to Simon he push for live TV performances instead.

This meant a top quality live band was needed. But Simon didn't want to just get anyone together. He wanted a band of amazing musicians with energy and flair who loved the material and wanted to be part of a long term project. He also wanted interesting characters who would compliment each other and form a solid team without necesarily being cast from the same mould. And he wanted people who would bring new ideas to the project and enjoy socialising together when not on stage.

Where they came from was secondary, so long as they could happily get to rehearsals and gigs in London he didn't mind. The group that finally came together, all professional session musicians, were all used to working in London, however they came from as far away as Cardiff and Birmingham making them one of the most spread out bands in the UK.

Forming the group

Of the existing line-up, Paige Proctor was the first recruited after Simon saw her drumming on some grime videos and really liked the energy and intensity of her work. Though only 22, Paige has done session work for Simon Little (Kasabian's producer), Andrew Hunt (MPG Producer of the Year) and is also the live drumnmer for Everyone You Know.

The band went through several guitarists, bass players and keyboardists over some months until guitarist Mike Gibbons happened upon the video for History and loving the track, decided to make contact. Earning his living playing with numerous household names, Mike wasn't looking to join a band but when Simon came round for a jam that morphed into a pub crawl ending with free beers for them performing together at a local bar, it cemented Mike's place in the band.

The band, still without a name, caught the attention of a music manager who was one of Mike's contacts, and of legendary rock producer Nick Tauber (Thin Lizzy, Venom, Toyah Willcox, Marillion) who despite them not even having played a live gig together, wanted to work with the band.

This led to the keyboardist and bassist at the time bowing out as they couldn't make the commitment that would be required. A talented young keyboard player, Gary Cunningham came on board, having just finished a year's touring with The Signatures. He was followed soon after by Bora Bekiroğlu, recently moved to the UK from Istanbul where he was one of the country's top session bassists. The name Denzeity was decided on between Gary and Bora joining.

Working as a group

The line-up now complete, the band soon started to impress small crowds and venue owners with remarkable musicianship and tight, energetic, entertaining shows. Comments like "Absolutely flipping brilliant", "Great energy and such a cool sound", "Awesome", "Blown away" and "Musical Genius" were coming not only from punters but people in the music industry who know something good when they see it.

With each individual member having had a myriad of experience both in the studio and performing live and there being more experienced 'musical directors' than not, they all have a common ground and mutual respect while working together. A mutual enjoyment of relaxed irreverence while socialising, had helped make what would appear on the outside a pretty diverse group into a solid team.

Denzeity is currently playing gigs (mostly around London) to build up a following while planning to go into the studio to record new material over the next few months. Look out for an EP soon...

The history of Denzeity is told in far greater detail through the various events that have shaped the band, as detailed in the band blog.

Individual Musicians

The members of Denzeity are accomplished musicians in their own right, each with an impressive back story.


Paige Proctor - Drums

Don't let Paige's youthful innocence fool you. As twice finalist in the 'Hit like a girl' international drumming competition, she is an in demand session drummer who's worked with the producers like Simon Little (Kasabian, Bonobo) and Andrew Hunt (MPG Producer of the Year). She is also Everyone You Know's live drumnmer.

Gary Cunningham - Keyboards

An astonishingly good piano and keyboard player at the age of 20, Gary Cunningham is already an accomplished touring session musician counting The Signatures, The 45's and The Post Floyd Dream amoungst bands he has worked and toured with.

Mike Gibbons - Lead Guitar

With many years as a professional session guitaist, Mike has played with numerous well known acts both in the studio and live. His work will be familar to many from radio rock songs through to ad jingles and tv theme songs.

Bora Bekiroğlu - Bass

From playing bass for the Eurovision song contest to touring and recording with numerous European acts, Bora Bekiroğlu has demonstrated his sought after bass playing credentials many times over in his native Turkey and is now starting to do the same in the UK.

Simon Denzley - Guitar and Vocals

With extensive studio experience, Simon produced and played on albums for numerous Australian artists before moving to the UK and producing an album's worth of his own material. He played in various bands on a number of instruments and continues to write material "faster than he can record it". He is also playing the lead in a Glen Campbell tribute stage show - a very different style for Simon that showcases his diverse vocal range and musical abilities.